Thursday, March 18, 2010

5 levels of humane-ness 

5 levels of humanness that i came across recently, based on hindu philosophy

The vedas say that these are the different levels of people actually extendable to all living things

Devaaha : The highest level where the individual gives and does not expect anything in return. The term mean god [ divinity] things like the sun, trees rivers etc which give all and take nothing [ or nearly nothing]
Pitruh: The next level where the individual gives a lot more than the person takes from the environment and others. The term meaning parents is how parents are with their children, give a lot and take little in return. This also indicates why a lot of rituals in india are directed towards ancestors [ the parents]
Manushya: the balanced level of existence where giving and taking is the same, the level of normal people. the term also means man
Gandharva: The level where the individual takes much more than the give or contribute, gandharvas a pleasure seeking people who depend on others and destroy a lot more than they create or generate, a lot of organizations today are in this level
Rakshasa: the lowest level of existence where the individual only takes and does not contribute or give back. The term denotes a form of evil in indian myth depicting people who have fallen to the level where they become the personification of destruction for others wherever they go. A lot of business and enterprises and some governments and militia are in this level.

Good stratified way describing humanness

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Word: Find and Replace Graphics and selections 

Found this really interesting post on Officeusers.org email thanks to tricia and team for this, producing it here pretty much as original for your pleasure and reference

Have you ever wanted to insert a picture several places in your Word document, but dreaded the idea of going inserting it or copying and pasting it in every single location? If you insert it once, you can use good old Find and Replace to insert your graphic everywhere you need it in an instant.

Start by inserting your image, which could be a clip art picture, your company logo, or any old graphic you please in the first spot you want it in the document. As you go through and create the rest of your document, type a distinctive word [typically i do this by adding characters like #,@ before a code, e.g. #gopu] in each spot where you will want the image to end up.


Caveat: you must make sure this word is one you will not use anywhere else in your document, or you will end up with sentences that do not make sense and extra graphics. You might want to use a made up word or a combination of words. For example, you might type logohere to show where you want your logo.

Once you have your document all typed up, select the graphic [and whatever other selection you wish] 
in the one spot you did insert it manually. Next, copy it and open Find and Replace. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H, click Replace in the Editing group of the Home tab in Word 2007 and 2010 or go to the Edit menu in Word 2003 and click Replace.

In the Find What field, type the word you chose to use to tell where you want your picture inserted (e.g. logohere). In the Replace With field, type ^c   [this refers to the clipboard also try copying some complex stuff and attempting the same] (that little “caret” is on the number 6 key – seems to be a difficult one to remember).

Next, hit Replace All and watch in amazement as Word inserts your graphic in the spots you designated!

Thanks to Tricia Goss, Editor tricia@officeusers.org

Channa Masala @ in a hotel room 

How i made channa masala at my hotel room.

I love cooking, I try as much as possible to make the food i eat. This becomes especially challenging while travelling and here is an experience on how i went about randomly to make channa masala.
I am staying at the crowne plaza in downtown Columbus [ohio, USA] and the north market nearby really helped in sourcing stuff, also a visit to patel brothers in Dublin along with my friend helped source some of the key ingredients.

The meal made was channa masala along with pita bread [ lebanese naan].

Preparation time [ 12 min approx]

Salt and Pepper [from the hotel lobby]
  1. {1 Tomato
  2. 1/2 Onion
  3. 2 tbsp olive oil - bcos its available you can choose what you can lay hands on
  4. } Purchased from the nearby farmer market
  5. {mango ginger pickle
  6. sri cha thai red sauce
  7. Channa snack
  8. Honey as sweetener
  9. } bought at patel brothers indian store
  10. Milk
  11. Water


Microwave provided thanks to helpful hotel staff @ the crowne plaza
{ Knife
Microwave friendly ceramic bowl
} smartly carried by yours truly from india
Cutlery - klepto-ed from company canteen [some plastic and steel spoons and forks]

  • Cut the Tomato and 1/2 onion [ ensure that there is a fridge to store the other half so that it does not stink up the room] on the days newspaperto avoid damage any hotel property [ you dont want the meal to end up costing more than the local up market restaurant]
  • transfer the veggies to the bowl along with some oil
  • Microwave for 3 min
  • add pickle, sri-cha sauce, right amounts of honey, salt, pepper, milk and water
  • Also add reasonable amount of the channa snack
  • microwave for 6-8 min and the dish is ready.
  • Ready to be served along with 30 sec microwave heated pita bread 2-3 of them to complete the meal
I had also bought moong dal snack of haldiram, tomorrow's experiment would be to make a good dal for the pita breads

[Thank recipe sites for the structure of a recipe]

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