Saturday, April 29, 2017

Recipe: Chilli potato Chinese Style  

    Recently I made Chilli Potato chinese style this was a quick evening snack that the family enjoyed, given some interest on the recipe after S posted the same on her social network, I got down to writing the recipe.

    This dish can be made in a few minutes < 10 minute, the key  is the amount of time to boil potatoes
    What I am about to describe is a class of dishes that can be made based on the base vegetable, and the side  add-ons …

    Ingredients :

    Ensure you have the following handy [ quantity I leave it to the reader based on number of servings and taste preferences

    1. Base Veg: Potatoes // can be replaced with baby corn or mushroom
    2. Support Veggies: Onions, bell Peppers, Cabbage [ add-on ] , Spring Onions
    3. Spices : Chilli, Garli, Ginger, and  Red peppper Dry
    4. Sauces:
      1. Gobi Manchurian Masala from the super market [ this is the quickest = else one will have to make that oneself  ] some other chinese dry soup powders can also be tried out
      2. Soya Sauce
      3. Tomato Sauce
    5. Foundation: Corn Flour
    6. Oil for saute and Frying  [ any oil I use ground nut, gingely, Coconut , typically a mix of all of them ]
    7. Flavoring:
      1. Lemon Grass powder, Ginger Powder,
      2. Vinegar
      3. Sugar / Jaggery
      4. Pepper
      5. Salt
    8. Utensils: Wok, ladles, boiling vessel


    1. Start with Dicing potatoes and boiling them with salt, based on your preference you can peel or leave the skin either ways it can be eaten, both  are healthy, I prefer skin, less wastage and as I say the antidotes to the fruit / vegetable is in the skin,, surely some good bio-chemicals in the skin . This Takes ~10 Minutes and in parallel other things can be done
    2. Chop the Chilli, Ginger [ long shreds ] , Red Pepper [ 1 mm slices ] , Garlic and place then nicely on a plate
    3. Finely Chop Onion , Bell pepper, cabbage and Spring onions, [ this is add-on ] finely and place them on a plate
    4. Drop the veggies and Chilli Garlic and Ginger in a Wok and saute until gold brown onion
    5. In Parallel Add the Masala and Corn Flour and Make a nice loose paste mix with water
    6. Add the Paste once the saute is done and ensure enough oil not to allow the frying pan to get sticky
    7. As the water is lost and the mix become dry-oily, add Vinegar, Sugar Pepper, Salt and Soya Sauce along with Tomato sauce if needed based on preference
    8. By Now the potatos must be done
    9. Strain the potatoes and add them, the stock can be used as a health drink with pepper and other spices on the side esp for the cook
    10. Mix and let the ingredients meld into a nice chill potato

    This item is a quick 15 min snack for the evening, my approach is to go with what ingredients are available as long as the main categories { base, support, flavoring,, oil, spice } are available

    Hope you enjoyed this  simple recipe.

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