Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Total Cost of running a Indigo Diesel Sedan 

Yesterday i had posted about the two wheeler that we had for 11 years and today I am writing about a indigo diesel sedan that we owned for 10.5 years nearly and recently had sold that car.

The Indigo LS is a C1 grade sedan from tata motors and was a very good option when i bought the car in 2003/ Aug in hyderabad.. Over the last 11 odd years we used the car extensively, especially in a lot of inter-city long drives for holidays and travelling in and around south india.. We will fondly remember some of the trips jotted below

  1. the Drive from Hyderabad to bangalore which we shuttled 3 times including the one when i took delivery of the car and drove to bangalore on thesame weekend 
  2. A long south india trip covering Hyd-Blr - Chn - Hyd 
  3. Long 1500 km drive to Hampi-Pattdakal-Badami-Aihole done in 2004/Aug, 
  4. An  adventurous trip through the kerala forests from Kochi to Kodaikaanal was exhilerating  in heavy rains and fog.. that was 1400 km in 3 days 
  5. A nice vacation to goa through the ghats of shimoga / jog falls in 2011 
  6. A few trips to native village of palakkad. 
  7. The trip to Madurai, Tanjavur in 2011/Jul

The car served us well being a very good roadster for high speeds, though the car was sluggish to run in the city, it was good on the highways, typically gave me 16 kmpl in the city and 18 kmpl in the highways making it a economical option for travel.. The main drawback was the poor service provided by Tata Motors and their dealers.

the total Cost table for the car, which we totally ran ~ 96000 km is as below


PURCHASE ₹4,60,468.00 ₹4.81
RUN DIESEL ₹2,12,625.00 ₹2.22

PARTS ₹1,85,707.00 ₹1.94

REPAIRS ₹1,12,713.00 ₹1.18

TAX ₹84,885.00 ₹0.89
RUN CLEAN ₹28,303.00 ₹0.30

ACCESSORY ₹24,644.00 ₹0.26
RUN AIR-OIL-POLL ₹22,684.00 ₹0.24

INSURANCE ₹17,967.00 ₹0.19

SERVICE ₹15,481.00 ₹0.16

FEE ₹28,692.00 ₹0.30

AUTOCAB ₹5,309.00 ₹0.06

FUNCTION ₹1,416.00 ₹0.01

TOTAL COST ₹12,00,894.00 ₹12.54

SALE ₹1,25,000.00 -₹1.30

NETT COST ₹10,75,894.00 ₹11.23

TRAVEL KM ₹95,790.00

# OF MOs 126.00

Run /km ₹2.75

RUN COST ₹5,27,224.00  Factor 2X

CONV VAL / MO ₹4,354.52

bought the car for 5,20,000 INR and then had to spend another 50,000 INR for transfer from AP to KAR when i shifted back to bangalore.. 

thanks to a few road accidents early on the repairs and parts cost for me was skewed to the higher side and that also reflects on the lower insurance, as i have clubbed the insurance refunds in the insurance category! 

The last few years the extent of use reduced due to heavy travels abroad starting 2010.. therefore the overall mileage again like my two wheeler is muted and much lesser than the typical average.. 96000 km over 126 months translates to 750 km / mo which is a below par average fora diesel vehicle. 

Total run / km turned out to be 2.75 INR / km direct cost and the convenience value of the car calculated to 4500 INR odd per month.. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

TCO Analysis of a Kinetic Nova That we Owned for 11 years  

When i was in hyderabad, way back in 2002 working for Dr reddys, I had bought a Kinetic nova, a Gearless two-wheeler that was the vehicle of choice for  transport for the 1st year in 2002 and then for my wife in the subsequent years, was a very useful little buggy that we used extensively until our daughter gayathri was born in 2006. After that milestone it became a emergency utility { read when car for service}, or for local drives like to the grocer.. 

In those 11 years we totally clocked 23,500 km and i recently sold the vehicle for 9500, will have good memories of the vehicle, doing the long drive to Film City in hyderabad in 2002, and zipping through the roads of bangalore the few time i rode it to office, obviously being a bit largely built for the small frame of the bike it would have been sight on the road.. visualize one of the beagle boys {from mickey mouse fame,} driving an undersized scooter!!

after selling, thanks to my diligent accounts, i was able to quickly retrieve the Costing of the bike through a pivot on libre office { recently have moved to Ubuntu and therefore nacho! libre!! } and thereby all my Excel tricks are limited. Regardless, i was able to mash up a quick costing and time value of the bike over these years..

as in the able below..

NOVA NOVA ₹35,591.00 ₹1.50
PETROL NOVA ₹22,922.00 ₹0.97
NOVA PARTS ₹6,300.00 ₹0.27
INSURANCE NOVA ₹5,476.00 ₹0.23
TAX NOVA ₹5,140.00 ₹0.22
NOVA REPAIR ₹1,895.00 ₹0.08
NOVA OIL ₹1,370.00 ₹0.06
TAX SERVICE ₹1,300.00 ₹0.05
NOVA SERVICE ₹1,150.00 ₹0.05
NOVA RTO ₹1,000.00 ₹0.04
NOVA ACCESSORY ₹695.00 ₹0.03
NOVA HEADWEAR ₹650.00 ₹0.03
NOVA FEE ₹550.00 ₹0.02
AUTO NOVA ₹483.00 ₹0.02
FINE TRAFFIC ₹600.00 ₹0.03
NOVA MISC ₹277.00 ₹0.01
NOVA POLLUTION ₹220.00 ₹0.01
NOVA WMAN ₹180.00 ₹0.01
NOVA WASH ₹170.00 ₹0.01
NOVA AIR ₹71.00 ₹0.00

Total Cost



Sale Value ₹9,500.00 ₹0.40

Net Cost ₹77,140.00 ₹3.25

Km run 23,717.00

# of Mo ₹137.00

/Mo Conv value


The Total buy and transfer cost to bangalore, amounting to 41,330 INR was the max cost, translating to INR 1.75 to the km, then there was a ~ 1,00 IN cost / km as the vehicle regularly gave 45 kmpl over the 11 years...

The total cost, including repairs, service and insurance with the buy and petrol cost came to 86,640 INR and knocking of the sale value of 9,500 the net cost was 77,140 INR.. which i would consider as the TCO of the vehicle.. translating to 3.25 INR /km

IT was also my intention to find the convenience value / mo for which i used the formula of net cost - 2*running Costs {  which mainly is petrol} divided over the number of months of ownership .. that translated to 230 INR / mo... which is a reasonable value to expect..

Overall i would say that a 2 wheeler gives about 3.50 / km cost-value and one can look at a convenience value of 250 per month which equates to the inherent rental that a person pays for the vehicle for ownership..

This analysis is obviously skewed by the extra transfer costs and low mileage over 11 years which typically should have been upwards of 55,000 km!

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